Our Grand 1st and 2nd Principals at our installation 2008
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October  2017


     It was a real pleasure to be a part of receiving our distinguished District Grand Superintendent on his official visit along with so many of the companions. The evening with the reception of the new MEM under Ex. Comp. Doug Miller and so many of the companions of Grenville Chapter #22 was an immense success. Thanks again to our 3rd Principal and Bro. Steve Sims for the delicious meal.
   This month we remember (those of us who can) our companions who perished preserving our various freedoms including but not limited to our freedom from bondage and slavery which seldom seems important until we are deprived of it and forced to agree to our own subjugation.
   As well expect to do a little planning for future events of the year.

                                            Ex. Comp. David Oltmann, 1st Principal