This chapter of Royal Arch Masons with origins in the ancient British military lodges, began operations in Brockville June 16, 1818 as Sussex Chapter #3 apparently fell into darkness and was replaced by Sussex Chapter #59 on May 13, 1874 and has been in more or less continuous operation ever since in close association with Sussex Lodge AF & AM GRC. We have been associated with and owe our allegiance to the Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario and have since 1819.
   Our meetings are held the first Monday of the month excepting January, June, July, August and September at 7:30 pm in the Brockville Masonic Complex on Parkedale Ave. East here in Brockville and we welcome all properly identified capitular masons. New members interested in perpetuating our ancient craft and it's tenets and principles are always welcomed.



Officers  2019 - 2020

1st Principal - Ex. Comp. Douglas Miller
2nd Principal - Ex. Comp. John Sheridan
3rd Principal - deceased
I. P. Z. - Ex. Comp. David Oltmann
Treasurer - Ex. Comp. Jack Gipson
Scribe E - Ex. Comp. Bryan Nash
Scribe N - Rt. Ex. Comp. Ralph Miller
Principal Sojourner - Comp. Michael Humes
Senior Sojourner - Comp. Patrick Gonneau
Junior Sojourner - Comp. Garry O. Mielke
Tyler -  Comp. Jeremy Coulter

Master 4th Veil - Ex. Comp. Lorne MacDonald 
Master 3rd Veil - Comp Gary Tristram
Master 2nd Veil - Comp. Donald Murphy
Master 1st Veil -  Ex. Comp. Max Farrelly
D. of C. - V. Ex. Comp. D. Gary Todd