Avancement to Preceptory
(requires the name of the material of which a master mason's apron is made)

   The Holy City fell under the dominion of Sultan Malek Shah and his viceroys,
who instituted a high level of violence and outrage against both Christians
and Arabs. Infested by bands of lawless men, the roads to Jerusalem became
no longer safe for pilgrims. They were robbed of their much or little wealth;
men were thrown into slavery; women were outraged; children were stolen or
murdered, and although, doubtless, there were enthusiasts who courted these
perils in the holy cause yet the vast majority of Christendom were filled with
grief and vengeance as returning pilgrims told the ghastly tale of pagan atrocities.
   In 1118 two French knights, Hugh de Payens and Geoffrey of Saint Omar,
perceiving the hardships to which the Christian travelers were exposed in and
about the Holy City, took upon themselves the duty of conducting the pilgrims
who journeyed between Jerusalem and the Jordan. Hugh and Geoffrey had but
one horse between them, and him they rode together on their first mission
of benevolence.
   This charitable office soon gained reputation for the humble warrior guides,
and they were joined by seven others, like minded with themselves. 
Their names were Royal, Gundemar, Godfrey Bisol, Payens de Montidur,
Archibald de St.Aman, Andre de St.Moulbar, and the Count of Provence. 
An organization was effected under the benevolent patronage of the patriarch
of the city, and under the name of "Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ." The members
bound themselves by the usual monastic vow of obedience, chastity and poverty;
and to these two others were added, to defend the Holy Sepulchre and to protect
the wayfaring pilgrims in Palestine. Such was the humble beginning of the
Order of Knights Templar.  The old established Order of Knights Hospitallers,
who were now in the flush of their heroic victories, lent aid and encouragement
to the new society of brothers. Nothing was to be feared by the Knights Hospitallers
from an humble fraternity known by the name of "Poor Fellow-soldiers of Christ".
For the most part they fought side by side for the common cause.
   The chivalric courage of The Soldiers Of The Temple can never be forgotten.
Nor the endurance be blotted from the annals of the world; while the causes
have long since passed away, which during the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries
called for such zeal and attachment to the Holy cause. The Knights of this day
stand forth as champions to espouse and maintain their Christian religion,
are ever ready to defend their religious cause, protect the innocent and the
distressed with untiring devotion to those principles that were handed
down as constituting the magnanimous Knights Templar.

   Gondemar Preceptory and Raymond Dupuis Priory of The Knights Templar
and The Knights of Malta was Instituted on the 8th day of March, 1872
at the Village of Maitland, Grenville County, Province of Ontario, by
Most Em. Kt. W. J. B. McLeod, Grand Prior of the Order for
the Dominion of Canada and The Island of Newfoundland, under the
Sovereign Grand Conclave of England and Wales.
   A Provincial Grand Conclave was formed for the Provinces of Canada at
Kingston in 1854 and granted on the 9th day of October, 1855 with the
Supreme Grand Master Colonel W. J. B. McLeod as Provincial Grand Master.
In 1868 the name of the Provincial Grand Conclave was changed to that of
Grand Prior of Canada. In 1884, the Great Prior of Canada separated itself
from Convent General and formed itself into The Sovereign Great Priory of
Canada and was acknowledged as such.

   Gondemar Preceptory held its assemblies in the Masonic Hail, Maitland
until the 20th of November 1884 when it moved to Brockville.
Gondemar Preceptory decided on December 26th, 1901 to purchase uniforms
(Coat, Cap and Officers chapeau (on display in our dining room)).


   Since 1910 the following Knights of Gondemar Preceptory have served as
Provincial Grand Priors of the Kingston-Ottawa District No. 4.

Rt. Em. Kt. J. Derbyshire (deceased)
T. Dowell (deceased)
G. W. Momson (deceased)
E. A. MacKenzie (deceased)
F. J. Edwards (deceased)
G. E. Board (deceased)
H. B. Smith (deceased)
G. H. Armstrong (deceased)
C. H. Bell (deceased)
E. L. McMullen (deceased)
G. H. Gilmer (deceased)
G. B. Carley (deceased)
H. Wallace (deceased)
H. F. Warren (two year term) (deceased)
N. J. H. Farrow
R. H. Miller
M. Jenkins
Stanley K. Hall

Knights Templar Origins

History Of Gondemar Preceptory #16 KT
      by Rt. Em. Kt. Ken Collard