The French Knights Templar 1314

   It has been explained in open Preceptory that a Pope's commission has found conclusive evidence that these knights were framed and that he has made some apologies in consequence thereof.
   In light of the fact that reports indicate that a substantial fee is being demanded for the contents of the evidence and the incontrovertable evidence that such papal publishings have been less than factual over the years, it is the considered opinion of the webmaster that such apologies are insufficient and that they ought to be printed and/or posted on the door of every sanctuary prior to any acceptance on the part of our Sovereign Great Priory.
   Moreover it is also the opinion of the webmaster that our historians and educators are quite right in noting that the noted knights had become fat and lazy and that the Arabs, Turks and other such infidels had caused the crusades to become so expensive by that time that no country in Europe could any longer afford them.