March  2020

Sir Knights...
   Firstly, let me thank and congratulate all of you who attended and participated in receiving the Supreme Grand Master at last month's assembly. I know he was pleased with the evening's work and for having the opportunity to meet and speak with some of you. Job well done Sir Knights !! This month's assembly will see a continuation of our candidates journey through the Tem-plar Orders as we prepare to confer both parts of the Order of Knights of St. John on available candidates. Our Registrar, Em. KT. Douglas Miller has previously sent out a worksheet indicating the roles and related work to be done. Please re-view closely to familiarize yourself with the work. PRACTICE: Sunday, March 22 @2:00PM Please plan on attending.!!
   Yours in the Bond of the Order,

 Em. Kt. Michael F. Humes
Presiding Preceptor