Feb. 2024

Greetings Sir Knights,

   Before I begin this monthís Message, I wish to thank my Fraters of Gondemar #16 for allowing me to be your Presiding Preceptor. I would also like to commend Em Kt Ron Shannon and his Team for a near flawless Installation. I can attest, after many years within the Masonic fold, of Ronís attention to detail and willingness to educate.
   I believe we will have a great meeting for February. Our Marshall, Sir Kt Brian Cavanaugh is planning some goodies for our meeting - so, if you are able, please arrive before 7:00 and stay for Council as well. Also, I have asked our Provincial Grand Prior, Rt. Em Kt Andrew Ciastek to arrange for Templar Advancement - so I hope you come ready to learn more about our Order! We will continue Em Kt Ron Shannonís plan to open and close our Preceptory in Normal form (as numbers allow). I hope that we will not get bogged down in business; but, time permitting, we might attempt drilling and sword work at each gathering.
   As many of you know, I am in the midst of moving house and Churches - and so I may be a bit abstracted - I rely on you, my Fraters, to keep me on the straight and narrow in terms of our ritual. It is all our duty to hold on to the Christian tradition handed down to us from our Fathers. I urge each of you, if you are not already, to seriously consider attending a Church of your choice. The Templar Order is Christian Masonry - and it behooves us to not only support the Church of Christ Emmanuel, but to be a chivalrous presence in those congregations. If you are unsure of where you might attend, I am very willing to help you discern the most appropriate denomination that suits your temperament.
   Yours in the Bond of the Order

Em Kt Blair R. Paterson,
Presiding Preceptor