March  2019


    I would like to thank the Sir Knights of Gondemar Preceptory for the privilege of allowing me to be installed as the Presiding Preceptor for the ensuing year and to thank the Installing Preceptor Rt. Em. Kt. Ted Jenkins assisted by Rt. Em Kt. Norman Farrow and the team. Also, I would like to congratulate the Sir Knights who were installed in the various offices of the Preceptory.
   At our February meeting the Order of Malta was performed and at the conclusion the Sir Knights welcomed and congratulated the newest Sir Knights of the Order, Blair Paterson and Brad Heward. A big thank you to the officers and Sir Kt's who participated. At the March (and April) meetings the Order of the Temple, Novice and Installation, shall be performed on all available Knights of Malta. The officers should expect to see a work sheet sent their way shortly.
   In April I will be visiting my family overseas and will arrange a replacement for myself. We hope the confer the Order of Consecration in April (or May), circumstances permitting, please stay tuned for further details.
   On Sunday, March 17, the annual district meeting of Kingston-Ottawa No 4 will be held at the Brockville Masonic Complex beginning at 11.00 am, lunch at 12.00, fraters and guests welcome. The meeting to follow, restricted to fraters only.

Em. Kt. Jack Gipson
Presiding Preseptor