May 2022

Sir Knights...
   I am pleased to bring greetings through this summons, to all of you. I thank you for your understanding of my reason for not currently attending any regular meetings until the fall. I am especially grateful to Em. Kt. George Wood for stepping into the Preceptor role during my absence. Thank you, Em. Sir.!

   Our Provincial Grand Prior, Rt. Em. Kt. Robert Norris has indicated that he will be visiting all preceptories in our district during the month of May. This is an ambitious and admirable goal that will be greatly appreciated by all preceptories. Please help show Gondemarís appreciation be making every attempt to be in attendance for his visit.

   I hope each of you enjoy a safe, fun, and glorious summer, and look forward to seeing you in the fall. Be well.. and stay safe !!

   Yours in the Bonds of our Order,

 Em. Kt. Michael F. Humes
Presiding Preceptor