January 2019


    I encourage all Fraters to come out to the next Council meeting and Regular Assembly to show your support for the working Knights. It is an opportunity to renew Fellowship and recharge the Work as we start new a new year .:
   Our November Assembly brought forth a slate of Officers and I trust each of you will encourage them in their administration of your Assembly and show that the Fraters mean to continue strength for the Assembly  In December we conducted our Christmas Observance to which a large number of Fraters., their Ladies and friends attended. It is a good sign that the Christian Faith is still vibrant. I encourager all Fraters, friends and families to continue attendance, not only for the Christmas message but also Christian fellowship.
   Your Preceptory needs your participation. Please make every effort to attend the Council Meeting and Regular Assembly each month.
   To our sick and shut ins this is a special greeting that we hope may cheer you up, for it comes as a reminder that you are thought of every day and asked about by the Fraters

Em. Kt. Douglas Miller
Presiding Preceptor