Em. Kt. Douglas Miller Registrar


Preceptory Regalia Donated By Families Of Fraters For Re-issue.

Sir Knights,

   It has come to my attention that some of you may have sent your dues to our past registrar, Rt. E. Kt. Maurice Jenkins. As he has recently passed away, your cheques may have been lost due to the troubling circumstances of Tedís life during January and February. If you think your payment may fall into this category, please contact me at 613-924-9068.
   If you receive your summons via email, I will resend this copy in September as this summons covers our next two assemblies.

                                                    E. K. Registrar Douglas Miller


   God is calling a new generation of Knights Templar today. Being a Knight Templar means living a life of purpose and meaning and by taking a stand for what is right in our families, community, and nation. It means being part of an ancient holy order that has been around for nearly 900 years. Being a Knight Templar is not a remnant of the past, it is a way of life.


Knights Templar Charitable Foundation Of Canada

The need for your assistance to the Foundation has never been greater
than it is today. A Tax Receipt will be issued for every contribution of $10.00
or more. Those who benefit from the Foundation will appreciate your assistance.
Please consider this as one of your charities. The Registrar has appropriate forms

Em. Kt. Douglas Miller Registrar

Knights Templar Charitable Foundation


Please note the changed mailing address
for the Registrar is now

544 Lower Oak Leaf Road
Athens ON
K0E 1B0


Sir Knights,
   If you move please let the Registrar know your new address,
a number of Summons are returned each month marked address unknown.
I trust you would like to know the happenings of your Preceptory. Also please forward your email address to the registrar for emailed summons.

                                   Em. Kt. Douglas Miller, Registrar





          (author not known)

   Knowledge is awareness of facts, data and information. Wisdom is the ability of our minds to properly apply the knowledge which we've accumulated when the situation or circumstances requires it.
   Knowledge teaches us that to be forthright is to proceed straight on, to go straight to the point without ambiguity or hesitation. Wisdom teaches us to be tactful and diplomatic. Many men possess great quantities of Masonic Knowledge. The number is significantly lower of those who possess great wisdom in Masonry.


(begun by Sir Kt. Michael Millard)

bullet   Harrington Perceptory # 14 was named after Very Eminent Knight Thomas Douglas Harrington. It was chartered in 1871 in Trenton, Ontario and moved to Almonte and finally North Bay, Ontario in 1893. Not only was V. Em. Kt. Harrington at the very first meeting of the Provincial Grand conclave for Canada in 1855, but his death was mentioned in the Proceedings in 1882. What is important about this is that Harrington Preceptory was named after him while he was still alive. Current Statutes only allow the naming of a Preceptory after someone who is no longer living.
   As a matter of interest, the next time you are in the Masonic Complex of Prescott look at the picture of Thomas Douglas Harrington who by the way lived in Prescott and is presently resting in Blue church Yard.


bullet   The Order of Malta, which is the second Order of Knights Templar still exists in its original form in Rome. The Masonic Knights of Malta and the Papal Knights, wear approximately the same Mantles and gear. This is only one of the Orders of Knighthood which continued its existence. Did you know: Doants were a class of men who were attached to the 0rder Of St. John of Jerusalem or Knights of Malta. They did not take the vows of the Order, but were employed in different offices of the convent and hospital. In token of their connection with the order, they were allowed to wear a cloak called a Demi-cross.
NB. All descriptions, misrepresentations and opinions are strictly those of the author.